Yoshi Shiraki

london / new york / salt lake

Born and raised in Salt Lake City, former New Yorker, Londoner, Tokyo-er, current Utahan again, stylist to the rich & famous, aspiring Winter Olympian, amateur boxer, inventor, published author, actor, radio DJ, Youtuber, real estate fix & flipper, TV personality, life experiencer, & life lover.  

When children are asked what they want to be when they grow up, they typically name off a list of careers.  However once they grow up and graduate from high school, they are than told they have to choose one career.  I followed this path for many years until one day I realized I did not have to only have one career.  

It was that day I promised myself I would never wonder "what if?" and I would pursue to the best of my ability all of my goals and dreams. 

You become who you surround yourself with so surround yourself with who you want to become.  

- Yoshi